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Occasion Makeup

Occasion Makeup
Whatever the occasion, whether it is your event or you are going to someone else event, and you want your make up to look flawless, I can help.

It is always better to have a trial run, so you can get to see what I do, and I can get to know you and what you want, so we can achieve the look together.

Or if you are happy for me to create the look on the day, that is fine.

What I would do prior to the day, is for you to email or return by post a short questionnaire to let me build up a good image of you, like your colouring, hair, eyes, skin tone. What is the event, your Anniversary, your daughter’s wedding, Ladies night at the Masonic hall, or at the golf club?

What colour is your outfit you will be wearing, is it long and formal, or short and cocktail?

Do you wear glasses?

What are the colours you avoid and would never put on your eyes?

It could be useful to have a photo of you.

All of these sorts of things help me build a picture of you, your likes and dislikes of colours, and the look you want to achieve. It’s your occasion you want to look and feel your best, and comfortable in yourself as well as the confidence to know you have never looked better.

Types of events to look gorgeous at...
Wedding, Ladies Night, Anniversary, Bahmitsva, Ascot, Birthday, Summer Ball, Photographs.

I can also do a makeup coaching session, so you can do a step by step make up on yourself, to show you the art of application, how to apply products to give you the best results for a good look to suit you, teach you tips to create the illusions they use in magazines. Products to use to keep your make up looking fresh and flawless throughout the day.

Perhaps you want me to coach your daughter, on skin care to keep the skin clean, and healthy. How to use make up the correct way. How to choose the right shade or texture foundation, how to bring out the best shape of the eyes, by using the correct colours and using them in the correct areas. What shape brushes are the best to use to get the best results?

Prices From

Trial from £25 for an hour
Makeup on the day From £40
Beauty Coaching From £40

Please contact me to discuss what the options are.